Single Class

Single Ashtanga Fundamentals class or Half Primary Series class. Single class for Mysore class for anyone with an existing Mysore practice

Monthly Membership

Develop a daily practice
Unlimited yoga classes on a 12 month contract.
1 Month written notice and $100 cancellation fee.
Payments start on the first day you sign up for class

Unlimited Monthly

One month of unlimited yoga classes with no obligation

Intro Month:

Unlimited classes for 1 month for new students or anyone who has completed Intro course or Mysore Prep. Not valid for current students.

Twice a Week Monthly:

Develop a daily practice
Attend any two classes per week for one month. 8 classes total. Pass starts on date of first visit.

10 Class Pass

6 month expiry

Private classes available on request

$150.00 for 1.5 hour session. Max 4 people.


Doors open 10 minutes before class start time

Be prepared to sweat. Please bring a Mysore rug or micro-fibre towel, and hand towel. Manduka Mats, Mysore rugs and towels are also available for purchase at the Shala

Please wear clean comfortable clothing and arrive clean to practice.

Please do not wear scented products to class

Practice on an empty stomach. Please allow several hours after eating before practicing.

Drink plenty of water after practice, but not during. Through the breath and movement system, our aim is to generate an internal heat and a detoxifying sweat. Water interferes with this process and is saved for after the practice.

The Mysore practice room is a mostly quiet, breath-filled, self-reflective space, and as such, is a cellphone free zone. No apple watches or cellphones are permitted. Please refrain from talking in the Mysore room, and please enter and leave quietly. Please ensure that when electronics are left in change rooms, that they are switched off.

If you happen to arrive during the opening chant, please wait until it is finished to enter the room.

In Led Primary series class we learn the correct vinyasa count in sanskrit. Please stop where you usually stop in Mysore practice.

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